David Watson

I put my gloves on..
..to keep you from getting cold

Dance; don’t hold the wall
It is easy when you stall
It’s harder to fall

Gore smeared kiss

Blood spilled
Red covered floor
Yes ma’am

Blood covered
Clothed in horror
I want some more

Blood splattered walls
A pool on the carpet

Blood on my blanket
A knife in between the sheets
Now I am at home.


With each breath I take
She enlivens me with her kiss
Embraces me in her mist
All I need to know is this!
Her colors change and arouse me
Her bright whites confound me
Her corset of flowers astounds me
I feel the heat all around me!
In the darkness she is moist
In the light we rejoice
In secret places, away from cities
Our passions are voiced!
Take me away to your hidden center

With every breath,
I kiss nature

A raging nightmare, every waking moment